Mary Madeline Project

Burial Outfits


These are samples of some of our burial outfits. Like our little Angels each outfit is unique.
All of our burial outfits have a memory tag in them.
When you donate a gown, you can have your deceased loved ones names on the memory tag.

Comments & Emails from hospitals & NILMDTS photographers  who received gowns  (doc)
2 hand written letters from Mothers that received one on our gowns  (pdf)


Preemie Girl and Preemie Boy










32 Week  Girl
dressfront      dressback

Front of gown        Newborn girl’s           Back of gown (open all the way down to help nurse’s)



boys1   carlins_dress

Newborn boy                  and            Newborn girl
(The bottom half of the newborn boy romper is made from a prom/bridesmaid dress.)

dress4  dress5  dress3


dress7   bunting1
Our Smallest  18 to 22 week Preemie’s